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Credit Card Debt Rising to Dangerously High Level

There is an old saying about history repeating itself if we are not smart enough to learn from it. This seems to be happening right now with regards to credit card debt levels in the United States. It was less than a decade ago that the great recession financially rocked the United States. Prior to the recession, things were cruising right along, economically speaking. And that means that credit card debt levels were pretty high. Of course, once the bottom fell out, all of that consumer credit card debt led to financial disasters for millions of American consumers. That same type of debt is rising to a level that is pretty darned close to pre-recession numbers. Take for example the closing of last year. In the final quarter of 2015, consumers racked up a sizeable $ billion in credit card debt. That number can be so hard to digest that it is difficult to understand how much debt affects the average household. When adjusted to…
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Personal Finance

Should you pay off ALL your Debts?

There are some people who believe that paying off all of their old debts is the ultimate financial achievement. Imagine getting rid of all your responsibilities to pay your creditors every month. That has to feel pretty darn good, right? But what does it mean to pay off all your debts in full? Some people approach debt from the moral side of things. These folks believe that for a debt to truly be paid in full, it must be paid back to the organization that your originally borrowed from. This, however, is not always possible. If a debt goes to collections or if a lending institution sells your account, there is really no way to meet this lofty moral obligation. The other side of paying off your debts is paying them off completely; meaning that you don’t owe a penny to any creditor or a particular creditor as the case may be. Again, this is not always possible, either. Some people wind up negotiating with…
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