Personal Finance

New Credit Scoring Practices Provide Hope for Potential Borrowers

There are literally millions of people who fly under the radar of lending companies and banks, unable to secure loans because of conventional credit scoring practices. Some credit scoring companies, however, have come up with new methods of scoring credit that may make it possible for these folks to qualify for loans. This is big news that may prove to have small lending companies chomping at the bit to offer their services to this largely under-serviced sector of the population. One lending company, FactorTrust in Roswell, Georgia, stated that they have credit information on well over 10 million non-prime borrowers that the big credit bureaus don’t possess. This company even provides its own auto finance risk scores to potential customers. Another lender in Connecticut, VantageScore, uses the available information from the big three credit bureaus, and now provides a revitalized scoring method that allows them to provide credit score on roughly 35 million people who used to be “not scoreable” by conventional credit bureau tactics.…
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Fast Cash

Get Fast Cash For Unexpected Situations

What To Do If The Unexpected Happens. Unexpected Bills can happen to the best of us. We all try our best to stay focused on our current financial situation. It can be very overwhelming to deal with any type of unexpected bill such as Car Repair costs or medical emergencies. Applying for a fast cash loan can help you get through this difficult situation. You can access payday loans online and use the money to cover unexpected costs. This will allow you to access money now and pay it back with your next pay check. This is an excellent alternative to those who get in a financial bind in between pay days. Requirements For A Fast Cash Loan. Applying for a fast cash loan is very simple and easy. It is possible to qualify if you have less than perfect credit. All that is required for a fast cash loan is an ID card, bank account, proof on citizenship and proof of income. Your credit…
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Cash advance

Utilizing a Fast Cash Online Loan To Tide You Over Until You Get Paid Again

While the economy certainly is showing signs of improving, much like the much awaited signs of spring after a long winter, this doesn't mean consumers have all the ready cash they need. Many consumers have been hard hit by unemployment and shortened hours, leaving them looking for fast cash online loan or an easy to obtain Cash advance loan. Luckily, internet sites these days make applying for emergency cash a breeze.   Reasons You May Need Fast Cash Unlike a bank or loan company, when you apply for fast cash online, there is no empty blank waiting to be filled in asking why you need the money. These loans are completely confidential and no one is there to question your motives for obtaining the loans. However, there are many common reasons why consumers obtain these types of loans instead of going to their credit or debit cards. Bad credit - If you have bad credit due to unemployment, divorce or other personal problems, fast cash…
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