A recent Wells Fargo & Company survey unveiled some very interesting information. According to this study, 78 percent of people in America want to learn more about how to manage their money, and 53 percent of the people who responded wanted to learn specific information about credit. To help these people learn what they need to know, the company has announced that they are launching the Path to Good Credit. This initiative includes a series of interactive websites that give consumers important information about building credit and improving their credit scores. The Path to Good Credit allows people to take quizzes, view videos and learn from informative, tip-filled articles. The end result that the company hopes is to make people more knowledgeable about their credit reports and scores.
According to Gary Korotzer, an executive with Wells Fargo’s Consumer Credit Solutions group, “Understanding how to manage credit is an important ingredient in economic self-sufficiency and success. We want to provide our customers with an informative and engaging experience that can help them chart a path to better credit.”
With so many people, especially younger people, having credit-related issues these days, this study could not have come at a better time. It is clear that people don’t have a good handle on the behind-the-scenes things that affect their credit score. Hopefully, people who need this valuable information will make use of the Path to Good Credit to become more financially responsible in the future.
Here is a brief sampling of the information that people can find on the Path to Good Credit websites:
Content that is very user-friendly and able to be accessed on a wide variety of devices, including smart phones.
Videos, infographics and quizzes, available in both English and Spanish, to help consumers test their current knowledge and to learn new ways to improve their credit ratings.
Clear cut information about common credit myths and misconceptions, including information about whether or not people should use their credit if they have had previous problems.
Topics and tips to help people rebuild their credit scores, stay on top of their payments and tutorials on how to review credit reports regularly as a personal finance best practice.
The new content will enjoy the existing Path to Good Credit website that was launched back in 2014 to help millennials understand more about credit.
Interesting Credit Statistics
Here are some interesting bits of information revealed from the Wells Fargo survey:
• 43 percent of respondents graded their understanding of credit as being average, below average or poor.
• 39 percent graded their overall understanding of how credit works as average, below average or poor.
• 75 percent of the respondents said that having good credit is important, while 54 percent said that they are proud of their credit scores.
• 37 percent of those surveyed said that they are concerned about their current credit scores.

About the Survey

The survey was conducted on behalf of Wells Fargo. The Ipsos group surveyed close to 3,000 U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 65 in June of 2014. The survey was conducted online and was designed to help the group to understand perceptions and attitudes about current economic and personal financial scenarios. The survey was weighted on gender, age, education and income levels, in addition to other metrics. The survey is titled “How America Buys and Borrows.” It was first conducted in 2013 and it is planned for the survey to be completed on an annual basis from here on out.